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 We imagine a world with a Swahili children's book on every desk, in every school bag and in every home.   


 To inspire kids to learn and love Swahili. Simply.  


 To make Swahili language learning simple, fun, and meaningful for kids.  

Our books

Kuku Kumi-It's All Swahili to Me


The book introduces children to counting in Kiswahili with a helpful pronunciation guide while presenting East African scenes through simple and vivid illustrations.

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  A perfect introduction for children to learn the vibrant word-sounds of one of the world’s fastest-growing languages – Kiswahili. 

A is for Andazi: A,E,I,O,U-Swahili Vowels for You



With the curious African duck Baba Bata, as your guide, learning Swahili vowels has never been so easy.

Serious fun and quirkiness for all ages as they discover vowel sounds of one of the world’s fastest growing languages.

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I Love Counting in Kiswahili: Hakuna Matata



A wonderfully engaging book that teaches basic bilingual Swahili-English counting. 

Children will quickly and easily learn to count and develop their Swahili skills with Twiga (twee-gah) the giraffe. 

Ideal for diaspora families, this book is a great gift idea for bilingual children everywhere. 

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Kilimanjaro Designs



Climbing Kilimanjaro is a great journey, but also one of the most beautiful experiences – an accomplishment of a lifetime.

The fact is you will experience the magic of the mountain with beautiful friends and have seen the world from a spectacular vantage point. It’s an unparalleled experience! It’s magical – peacefully quiet and breathtakingly beautiful. 

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- About Kilimanjaro - 

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak, and climbing Kili is a goal many people have on their personal bucket list! 

Zanzibar Designs



 Zanzibar is paradise - an Incredible Beach Destination in Tanzania, Africa. 

It is the perfect place to relax and socialize with fellow travellers in Africa.   

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Swahili Designs



'Nguvu kama Simba' means 'strong like a lion'. 

Congratulations - you made it to the top of #kilimanjaro - Africa’s highest point, 5895

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