“Children need to hear a thousand stories before they can begin to read –
or the same story a thousand times!”
Mem Fox

What inspires your child?

Is it the weather – perhaps they have a favourite season? Maybe its spring’s blossoming flowers or reading a book by a warm fireplace in mid-winter, long summer days or autumn’s bright colours – the beautiful oranges, yellows, rich tan?
My children are inspired by fun characters presented in good short stories with patterns and rhyme.

What inspires your loved one?

Australia inspires me. ‘I love a sunburnt country’, its youth with so many stories yet to be told, especially those of the first Australians; its summer lapped up at one of its many clean beaches.

But, the hot Aussie summer heat can bring with it some challenges.

Thankfully it’s early autumn now and, as I write this blogpost contemplating the inspiration for Baba Bata, I am enjoying the refreshing cooler weather, the crisp light, and an end to being roasted alive on public transport.
What inspires you? It’s really not a complicated question, but few of us are able to answer it clearly and concisely.
Instead many of us will answer with the sunset, a general popular idol that provides inspirational at a given moment or that ‘my kids inspire me’ if you have children.

Inspired by Hope

Baba Bata was inspired by hope – hope for a people and a place, and so for me personally, like you and many others, my children (or child at the time) do inspire me.

Our daughter, Hope Shiriri, arrived in 2014. Later that year Baba Bata was “born,” when as a new dad, at bath time I would tell her stories about a little, fearless African duck, who with his friends and family, had a love and thirst for adventure.

Baba Bata went on heroic adventures around the world (i.e. the bathtub) and Hope eagerly engaged in these from the comfort of a warm bath, playacting along with her interactive bath and water toys – animal toys, boats, bubbles you name it, we used it!

This duck became the inspiration for Baba Bata Swahili Ventures and these stories became the basis for the books we will share with you over the coming months…

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