Our Projects

Swahili Foundations

We are committed to promoting reading and writing skills.

Swahili Children’s Books seeks to publish inexpensive and accessible to equip children navigate and thrive in a diverse and multicultural world. 

Through our innovative projects, we have developed the ‘Swahili Foundations’ series to provide fun and simple children’s book at affordable prices.

Our goal is to stimulate innovation in this area, which will hopefully translate to more Swahili content – simple, fun and enjoyable books and for children wherever there are.

I can count in Swahili

1 2 3: I Can Count in Swahili

A New Take on Bilingual Numbers Books – I Can Count in Swahili is Fun, Playful, and Easy.

The book introduces children to counting in Swahili with a helpful pronunciation guide while presenting East African scenes through simple and vivid illustrations. A perfect introduction for children to learn the numbers and vibrant word-sounds of one of the world’s fastest-growing languages.

Written by a native Swahili (Tanzanian) speaker and global educator, this book is a wonderful bilingual educator’s tool with creative and fun repetitions perfect for circle time class discussions.

It is also an educational tool to support home schoolers, and families seeking to raise a bilingual or multilingual child.

This picture book is the perfect bedtime reading suitable for ages 1 and up – for toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners, and early readers – hakuna matata!