Mambo? Jambo? Two Swahili greetings, for ‘hello’ or ‘what is new’, are words you knew but probably were not aware they meant something in Swahili. So, the answer, is probably your Kiswahili is probably not too bad given the number of words (i.e. safari, hakuna matata etc) that English has borrowed from Africa’s fastest growing language. But we have another great way to improve it even further: wearing a funky t shirt!

Helping the next generation learn

And so Swahili is where it’s at – South Africa for one knows it is so. That Swahili is where you’re at is encouraging for our mission, which seeks to create fun, accessible and quirky Swahili children’s books to help the next generation learn the language and maintain language diversity.

To help you maintain your Swahili we have designed new t-shirts that celebrate the fun and catchy sounds of the language. In a sentence: these t-shirts are where Swahili is at. In hashtag form. What more could you want?

Be comfortable and stylish while supporting a worthy mission

We hope that the t-shirt’s are everything you’ve dreamed of and more.  They feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. They are comfortable and flattering for both men and women.


Please check them out and thank you for your support. Funds go towards creating children’s books for African kids.

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