Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Dunia (doo-ne-ah) is Swahili for ‘earth’. We dedicate Earth Day 2019 to Mount Kilimanjaro Summitters – those rare people on earth who have made it to ‘The Roof of Africa‘.

If you are one (or know of one to get them this gift) then this sticker featured above is our gift of love to you.

Thankfulness is the key to happiness

We hope you are well are grateful for what you experienced this week. Don’t forget: experiences, experiences with friends and family is what matters most on this earth 🌍. So enjoy every moment! 🌸

Like Kilimanjaro, truly the world is an amazing place! Take the time to see it!

Thank you for your support. Through this little Swahili Venture project we have been able to connect with many amazing people who live in some amazingly wonderful places!