Polepole (poh-leh poh-leh),means “go slowly,” – the literal translation is “slow, slow”. As summiteers know, these are possibly the most-spoken words on Mount Kilimanjaro. These words also happen to be frequent spoken words here at @swahili4kidz. You you see, like climbing Kilimanjaro, creating engaging bilingual Swahili books is a slow process.

We need your help

Which brings us to our June project: to get expert illustrators working on our exciting next children’s book, “Panda, panda,” which translates to ‘climb, panda 🐼. (‘Panda, panda,’ will be a colourful and inclusive book with a simple story about a kind but shy Panda who who wants to spend his days climbing trees, rocks and mountains but he’s just too scared! With the help of some much-needed encouragement from his family, he learns to step outside of his comfort zone, make new friends and the highest mountains.)

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Remember: Take it easy – Enjoy Life. 

This “polepole” sticker reminds you to take things  “polepole” – to take it slow, stop and smell the roses. It is true, sometimes you need this reminder to chill out, slow down and #takeiteasy.

What will your legacy be?

Thank you for your support for our bilingual education products and please share this with your friends and family – asante sana! 🙏🏻 .

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